Details on the first Unforgiven Series Novella!

As some of you know I’m currently offering a free ebook novella later this year…
If you sign up for my newsletter then it will be yours on release day (most likely in May).
I’ve got some very exciting updates about it that I wanted to share with you:
The plan is for 4 (or 5) novella’s to release along with the main novels from The Unforgiven Series. Every novella will be voiced by one of the characters that you’re going to meet in the central story (and hopefully fall in love with).
These characters will not usually share their perspective with you but will certainly have interesting things to say.
The first one, as I said, will be free to all newsletter subscribers (sign up now, you know, if you haven’t already). The others will be on Amazon for 99p once they’re released.
I promise to give you all the details and let you know which characters they will be predominantly about. If there is a character you would love to see headline their own story then make sure to tell me. Suggestions are always wanted.
The first one will be called Ivloch.
Ivloch Youchnore is by far one of my absolute favourite characters. He is the leader of the resistance, but oh so much more. He has more layers than an onion and a temper which is just as likely to make you cry. He’s also without a doubt the definition of a badass. The novella is going to show you a completely different side to him. One just as interesting. It’s also not the usual story you hear about the leader of an army…
I’m going to share the blurb below with you and if you have Goodreads then please pop over and add it to your shelf!

The cover will, fingers crossed, be with you very soon!






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