Introducing Katanya Leshi…

Art by StaySpooky Store


Time for 5 facts about one of your main characters guys! 😊

Here’s five things about the force of nature that is Katanya Leshi:

1. She spent six years of her life in a prison, made especially for her kind. She’s one of the only people to successfully ever break out – her only crime was having abilities she couldn’t control. 

2. She grew up with the leader of the resistance on Brodanna but for the last two years has been living alone in the wilderness. What could have forced her into such a choice?

3. She has a horse called Ballaca who’s the closest thing to a family she allows herself. Ballaca considers her a nuisance 😋

4. At the start of the book she has a mission, a mission that nobody else alive knows about and a mission that she absolutely hates.

5. She would always rather fight with her abilities but is also more than skilled with her sword. That sword has a name that she’s never told anyone; will we find out in The Caged Kingdom? 

Introducing Mara Lars


5 facts about Mara Lars:

1. She’s one of the only people to have ever visited a part of the world and returned from it but is completely unaware of the significance 😋

2. Mara’s involvement with the resistance is going to cause them to fracture in ways that may never be able to be repaired.

3. Not only has her life been torn apart and a destiny thrust upon her she doesn’t want, but her heart is also going to be hurting. Xave promised he understood her, but was he really working for the enemy the whole time?

4. She knows Brodanna better than most, even the dusty corners you would never want to visit but she certainly doesn’t know how to control her own power, especially when she’s given a gift from the unlikeliest of sources…

5. Mara is going to be pretty messed up when we first meet her. She’s dealing with loss, betrayal and not understanding what’s happening to her. She’s never going to be able to be the person she was before again – but is that always a bad thing?